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Kuzuzangpola! And Welcome to the official website of Himalaya Ultra Bhutan. Bhutan, also known as DrukYul – The land of the Peaceful Dragon has always fascinated people from far and wide. This Buddhist kingdom located high in the Himalayas, rich in culture and tradition, has always been an eye-candy for travelers. Travelers were known to refer to this part of the world and to Bhutan in particular, as the ‘Land of mist and mysticism.’ So mysterious and enigmatic was the place that people left with a feeling of unusual high and awe.

Himalaya Ultra Bhutan strives to inculcate the core values of the philosophy of Gross National Happiness by letting our clients experience and relish both spiritual and material comforts through our sacred and ancient culture and traditions as well as our rich ecology, biodiversity and serene landscape.

We stand by the slogan ‘’Of Mountains, Monasteries and Traditions’’. We want our clients to feel and experience the fresh air of the Himalayan Mountains and the peaceful tranquility of our monasteries. The lush green valley’s, traditional buildings and moreover the joyous nature of the Bhutanese people will surely tempt you to return again and again. You will find the age old culture and traditions fairly intact and untainted by globalization.

The living culture and rich traditions, and the harmony thriving between tradition and modernity, between people and nature will facilitate our clients to experience and understand Gross National Happiness. The exciting pattern of social, cultural and environmental authenticity adds to your genuine experience. This not only includes historical timings of traditional events but also includes authentic folklores, handicraft and cuisines that make up the mosaic of the daily Bhutanese lifestyle.

It is not merely a mathematical function of high price and luxury. It is rather a delivery on ‘quality promise’ that encompasses exclusivity and excellence, both in services and amenities which will contribute to your unique “BHUTAN” experience.

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Gross National Happiness

The development philosophy of “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product” and was propounded by His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth King of Bhutan in the early 1970s. He realized that the existing development paradigm – Gross Domestic Product – did not consider the ultimate goal of human happiness.

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Opening for tourism only in 1974, Bhutan remains one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations. Touring is extraordinarily breathtaking experience in Bhutan. The culture, religion, unique architecture, parks and reserves, festivals, picturesque valleys and the people all build up a rather alluring picture for your eyes. You will only know the reason why you want to visit this amazing country once you set your foot in this majestic land.

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