About us

About us

Our Philosophy: Adaptive, Comprehensive, Inclusive, Responsive

Adaptive: The travel and tours package is designed entirely for our clients. We facilitate our service based on the need and demand of our customers and not the other way round. Therefore we are flexible and adaptive. We welcome changes in itinerary and schedule based on the desire of our customers. If our customers are having a good time that is all that matters to us and we are ready to be flexible and adaptive to ensure that they always have the best trip and time of their lives.


It is our mission to provide our clients with a complete travel package – Trekking, hiking, sight-seeing, bird-watching, cultural tours, religious tours, nature tours, and many more. The comprehensive philosophy here comes with the option of being able to dictate your needs and wants. We want our customers to take home a very rich experience and memories from Bhutan. It is our desire to create a burning passion in the hearts and minds of our loyal clients to want to visit Bhutan again.


The service provided by us is inclusive; it will look into minor details and requirements to enable a memory rich experience without any hitch during your stay in the country.


We are someone in whom our clients can place their trust and confidence. We believe in the principle of being reliable and responsive. We keep our eyes and ears open all the time – to see if our valued customers are having a good time they deserve and to ensure we listen to their say and respond swiftly and adequately.

  • Travel Specialist: 

Travel Specialist:

We have always considered ourselves Travel experts – who know exactly what our customers want and desire and how they want their trip to be scheduled. We have that upper hand compared to other Travel Agencies and that makes us stand out as a true Travel and Tour Company. Therefore, with us you get to every nook and cranny of this beautiful land of mist and mysticism. It is all yours to explore and take back memories which will bring smiles in your lives for a very long time. Our tour leaders and guides are equally proficient in their own fields and they will make your dream come true.

  • High standard of Quality:

With experienced Human Resource and capital at our disposal, we provide unparalled and unrivalled service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is something which is high on our agenda. It is not for nothing that our customers contact and consult us for their trip to Bhutan, so we always strive to make them feel homely by providing them with the best services at best minimum prices. In case of unforeseen emergencies, we make timely arrangements to fulfill the desires and dreams of our customers. And during such difficult times, our valued customers will be the first to know about the status of their trip.

Our travel rates are in par with all other Tour Companies, if not cheaper. However we never compromise on the quality of the trip. Disappointing our customers is not in the DNA of this Tour Agency.